1. Did you achieve your goals?

    So far: YES! – But I do not know yet if I will be able to maintain my new weight.

  2. How much did it cost?

    Doing the LONG DISTANT version of the program cost $175 for 27 days. This is for the STARTER-KIT which includes the first 3 sets of beads and the instructions where to set them, specifically tailored to you.

  3. Why and how again does this program work?

    The following quote from an email explains it nicely:

    Dr Schwartz explained that milk is an emulsifier. It liquefies the fat. The veggies and fruit are enzymes – they dissolve the fat. Everything in the protocol is necessary.

    Acupressure is a key element of the Accu Weight-Loss program. Pressure applied to tiny beads placed behind each ear will trick the body into feeling full and, therefore, you will not experience hunger. The program operates through the hypothalamus gland, behind the ear. The “AccuBeads” signals the hypothalamus gland that food satisfaction has been achieved and thus clients do not experience hunger. Beads placed in or on the ear, as in some programs, deal solely with the hunger and does not change your metabolism or reset your base weight. Beads placed on the Hypothalamus gland changes the way your brain percieves and deals with food and hunger. It resets your base weight and your metabolism. AW is a meeting of east and west medical technology. Acupressure also appears to signal the body that it is not calorie-deficient but is getting all the basic fat, protein, and amino acids necessary. Therefore, clients are losing mainly fat but little muscle or organ mass. AW is the healthiest way to lose weight. Nothing is jeopardized in the loss of calories. Its fast, its healthy, its effective

    The Chi Gong enhances weight loss as well as increased energy by increasing the body’s ability to use oxygen.

    There was an AW participant during the summer, sorry I can’t remember her name, who worked for a neurologist. She explained the diet to him, He said ‘Yes of course, its the Hypothalamus gland, it makes perfect sense.

  4. What are the different stages of the program?

    Basic is the time of the diet itself while following the program protocol and you stay on this until you reach your goal weight (or close to it). Then you go on to transition – where foods are slowly added to the basic diet – your weight is monitored as you add them and your weight is stabilized at your new body weight low set point. Then you go on to maintenance where you eat whatever you want for 5 days – check to see if you need to do the milk days to bring it back down or not – and just watch that things don’t get out of control.

  5. How does the transition more exactly work?

    The first 2 weeks are the same for everyone. You do 2 milk days & 5 veggie days. You add 7 oz. chicken or fish on the veggie days. You can also eat from 12 noon till 8 PM. You still wear beads for the first week, then they are gone. Your contact person will walk you through this & add back foods according to how you are doing.

  6. Are you affiliated with the program?

    No, in no way, except for the fact that I am following it myself. This is a good moment to point out that am no “pro” at this and everything you read here is either my own experience or snippets I’ve collected from the email mailing list or web sites and could be in one way or another be wrong and not truly reflect the Accu-Weight diet. The official Accu-Weight website is www.accuweight.com and that is where you can get specific information from Dr. Schwartz and Accuweight employees.

  7. Are these the only questions people have?

    No, but I haven’t gotten around to post more.