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Dear reader – if you are new to this site or a returning visitor – thank you for your interest. The following is for yor information and to give you a clear picture of what you can, and what you can not, expect from me and this website.

I am not, in any way affiliated with the AccuDiet, not trained for it, I do not deliver it nor paid for anything you will find here. I am nothing but a “user”, meaning that I followed the diet and this website is the product of my journey in 2009.

While I was on this diet, I gathered information, assembled it and recounted my own experience with it.

All that you need to know to get started, you can find here, the URL’s of the official sites, what this diet is about, some recepies and if you read my journey you can see what you might encounter too.

The main things to remember is that we are all individuals, what works for me, might or might not work for you.

And, as with any diet, the most success you will have if you stick to the rules and apply BLT – no Bite no Lick no Taste – outside of what is on your daily allowance.

If you want to follow my journey, best start at THE BEGINNING

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Update Please!

I was asked today :

Would you please share with us how you managed your weight over the last 4 years.

So here it goes :

  • The key to maintaining is to eat the same amount of energy as you put out (in = out).
  • If I am lazy and do not work out, I have to watch out for what I eat as I am burning a lot less calories.
  • Best approach is to continue monitoring your weight and the trend of it (weigh yourself weekly).
  • If over the course of 2-4 weeks it slowly goes up (even only a little – not the highest or lowest point counts, the average, the trend!), you know you will have to cut back overall a little.
  • If there is a binge party – Thanksgiving or birthday get-together – a 2 day milk adherence (and after that some controlled eating) will reverse the damage of the over eating easily, but do not delay that – too much food, do a 1 or 2 day milk day.

That is pretty much it!

Good luck.

TRANSITION : Week 9 – Day 1

This is the first week since the beginning of transition that I am happy with how the weight has “behaved” during the past week. Finally no more frantic jumping around but softly moving within the boundaries of a pound. Another such stable week and I feel that I am well founded for the coming holiday season and that my weight has truly begun resetting itself.

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TRANSITION : Week 8 – Day 1

Balance, balance – the center, the equilibrium.

The new crown is settling in but still needed adjustment as I was still more in pains then not, still could not eat properly and drinking any diet coke over the milk days was impossible. Got an adjustment yesterday and I think this might now finally be it for that.

During the week my weight was continuing to climb. The 2 milk days brought me again down to almost where I was last week. But I am not fooled, my body weight has not yet reset. The body fat percentage has climbed 2.5% over the past few weeks. I am still not able not to fall into bingeing at times – Halloween and too much left over candies any one?

For this reason I announced to my Accu Diet counselor this morning on the phone that I intend of going back 2 steps and onto veggies and protein mainly and that I want to do that for 2 weeks and to get the weight settled around my end goal weight without having to have milk days in between. This did not fall onto happy ears, cutting back and having just veggies and protein yes, but not that I want to make it without any milk days.

The counselor even stated that 2 milk days are needed for the chemical balance and to flush the body of wastes from the former 5 days and that 1 milk day is not enough for that. This actually confused me, because I was told earlier, that once you are through transition you only do one or two milk days if you have gained during the week. But maybe this “has to be 2 days” approach is what you need and do during Transition?

I definitely want to get my weight truly locked in before Thanksgiving, actually even before the 22nd as then my dad will come visiting and by then I do not want to have myself on a too restrictive diet any longer but rather be in Maintenance mode.

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TRANSITION : Week 7 – Day 1

Another not so good week on Transition.

The wedding was great, but I was having all those pains from the temporary crown and had a hard time eating. But with the help of painkillers I still managed to gain weight, even though for the most we did not overdo it. 8 hours on the roads, twice in 3 days, that was the hardest part food wise.

On Monday I then went to the dentist to receive the final crown. And more pains while others went away. My jaws are all locked up by now, biting anything harder than a raw bell pepper is impossible and I fear that I will never again be able to eat normally or drink anything colder than lukewarm.

But there where good news all the same. I had my blood work done and all numbers came back in great shape. My doctor said she’d be happy if more of her patients would take care like that of themselves. That comment went down like honey! The only thing which was too elevated was my thyroids, they showed as being a bit over-active.

Drumroll please. OVER ACTIVE thyroids !! Last year they where under-active and for that reason I was put onto thyroid supplements. Why the drumroll? Because finally all my unexplained chills and elevated heart rate since on the diet fell into place. That are symptoms of over-active thyroids! Woohoo. Not menopause symptoms. Nope. Obviously the Accu Diet kicked my thyroids right back into gear and with the daily supplement it became more than I needed. Reducing the amount of the supplement drastically has fully handled the problem.

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